Power Rangers Dino Fury Art

Dino Fury Key! Activate! Link to Morphin’ Grid!
Dino Fury Red Ranger Zayto Dino Fury Black Ranger Javi Dino Fury Green Ranger Izzy Dino Fury Pink Ranger Amelia Dino Fury Blue Ranger Ollie Dino Fury Gold Ranger Aiyon


Actually, nvm, I don’t think so because when I draw female characters in pixel art, I make the torso one pixel shorter in width on each side. Ryusoul Green is male, but Dino Fury Green is female. The torso is smaller on the green character here than red, blue, black, and gold. So Dino Fury Green can’t also be Ryusoul Green.

Dino Fury Chromafury Saber
Chromafury Saber/Ryusoul Ken

With black background so you can see better

Gruh (Gru + Bruh)

Reference image

It's morphin time!

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