Precise collision

It could be nice for many game to have a new collision for their objects. The current collisions are good but it would be better if there was a new collision that made a hitbox around the object the shape of the object. You could do this by having the collision check to see what is/is not part of the drawing and add the hitbox around the actual object itself. Another way to do it it could be in the drawing panel when there is a tool in which you draw around your character/object. The outline would not be seen in-game but when the precise collision is enabled it looks for that outline and uses it.
This could be a usefull tool for many people in FlowLab. :slight_smile:

Do you mean polygon colliders? Or in other words, custom collider shapes?

I remember grazer, the creator of flowlab, said he’s planning to make a big physics update with this feature. But that will probably happen after a long time.

Hopefully soon

This would be a useful feature.