Pretty Big Project coming up

Hey my pals, im going to need alot of assistance with this game and if you could help me it will be a master piece, right now im pretty much just making a demo until i can buy indie, this is a sidescroller rpg in the style of castlevania sotn.

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1st order of busnies is that i need assistance with animations and the base graphics, im not much of an artist but i want it to look good, if anyone is willing i want it to sort of look like this but in pixel art graphics

I am awful at graphics, but if there is anything else you need I can help!

I’d love it help work on art and animation! Though I can’t look at it right now, and have quite a few current Flowlab projects, I’d be glad to help when I can:)

I need some slightly upbeat piano music if you can provide it, a combination of happy and sad.

I think I can make that work

Alright @The_Undying, how is this

more happy and upbeat, but this is definitely usable
once i get indie i must remember to find this post

Ok I have a need for a certain combination of behaviors, im gonna try to make party members but i dont want the player colliding with the main character, how do i make it so that gravity effects them and be able to follow the player without collision with him and with them not falling through the floor. any help would be great!

Can i help? :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Of course! I would accept anyones help right now!

MUAHAHAHH! I have made multiple mob varients…using one object block! Check it out! they dont have hp bars yet but you will see what i did.

No body here…? This post was a waste…

im here sorry i was in school

Thats ok, if you want to help with behaviors i had an issue above your “can i help?” post and if you want to help with art then it is somewhere up here xD.