Prob missing something obvious with my spaceship shield depletion rule

My game is here:

As you can see in the screen shot I have shield power for my ship increasing at 1 steadily. I want to make a collision with the garden planet feed in a -5 to the shield bar without stopping the steady shield increase. I can only get it to increase how I want. But the impact damage simply doesn’t work (probably because I am a simpleton). Thanks for any assistance.

Screen Shot 2017-02-05 at 3.20.25 AM

Ok, I see a couple of issues, but they all look easy to fix :slight_smile:

First issue:

Your Timer is connected to the “set” input of the “hit planet” number. This means the “hit planet” value will be set to the value “1” coming from the timer when it triggers. I think this can just be disconnected.

Second issue:

“hit planet” is connected is connected to the “set” input of the next number - it isn;t named but it has the value “50” in your screenshot.

To fix this, here’s what I would do:

Delete the second unnamed Number node and just keep the top one one, naming it “Shield” or something. Connect the “hit planet” output to the “+” input of the top “Shield” Number node, so that it will increment the shield value by “-5” when a collision occurs.

Now the timer will increment the value by “1” and collisions will increment the same value by “-5”, which I think is what you want.

Does that all make sense?

PERFECT!!! Works now, and I was able to make an explosion occur too once shields reach zero. Thanks so much, Grazer. Do you find all these questions annoying? I’m trying to keep them to a minimum and search the forums for answers first, but posts are not often tagged so they’re hard to find.

I’ll make a game that requires the user to open the editor. Kinda like a tutorial but more advanced. And requires problem solving to help. Like “these enemies are not working right! Why not check the logic to see what’s wrong?”
And the proximity or something isn’t connected.

honestly @Melville in my opinion i like when people post, whether to get help or anything in general, because I just think its fun to help people and see what they are creating. So post whenever you need help or anything. thats what the forum is for :smile:

Thanks very kindly, henf25. It’s just as much fun talking to people here as it is making games.

And that’s an awesome idea, jngthree!