Probability Behavior

This would be a very useful addition to Flowlab’s behaviors, as it would make it significantly easier for certain situations where you want something to be more likely to occur than something else. For example:

A chest you come across in an rpg, has a chance to spawn 3 different keys:

Blue Key (Blue key will have a 50% chance of spawning)
Red Key (Red key will have a 20% chance of spawning)
Yellow Key (Yellow key will have a 30% chance of spawning)

You actually can do something like with the random behavior, but it can get tedious at times.



i’d say it wouldn’t be top priority for grazer to add, because you can just make this simply with the random behavior and filters.


Maybe there is something that could be done using the Router, by adding a weight to some routes instead of having the randomized routes select evenly.

You could do it right now like this I think:

  • Make a router with 10 routes
  • Set to randomize routes
  • First 5 routes connect to Blue Key
  • Next 2 routes connect to Red Key
  • Last 3 routes connect to Yellow Key

I agree that would get tedious quickly though :frowning:


That is what I said lol

Hmm, I never used routers before, so I would have to try that…

already made this
found in the top left folder

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