Problem at the data center [resolved]

Connectivity has been spotty this afternoon, there is a problem at the Atlanta datacenter where the primary server is located. I’ll post more info as it becomes available.

Update provided, but there are still connectivity problems:

Still ongoing:

Why cant people leave DDos alone?!? Jeez some people are asses

Sounds like Flowlab is OK for now, although the issue isn’t yet entirely resolved:


Is this problem also blocking new members from receiving the full unlimited studio package? ~ after paying for the full unlimited deal. I have the money taken out of my paypal and account. But still totally stuck on free limited. I have all transaction numbers and records if needed. Before all this I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this site, and look forward to fully utilizing it when I actually can. - Hope to hear back.~ finally updated now thanks

Yep, this issues could definitely affect communication between PayPal and Flowlab, so if anyone else has issues like this let me know! Sorry for the inconvenience everyone :frowning:

Wow, they still haven’t mitigated? I wonder if they’re receiving a reflection attack. Most DDoS attacks, (besides the attack for a month+ on Sony, because they’re idiots) only last a few hours, to a day. Linode should consider buffing their security, and get a backup server. They should set up a system to automatically deny certain packets, I mean, unless it’s an application attack, then I don’t blame them. Those aren’t easy to notice, or stop, once the firewall is down. Let’s hope they fix this soon.

Update - it looks like they have resolved the issue for now, but I will continue monitoring the situation:

oh good. how frequently does this normally happen, anyway?

Well, it should really never happen - or when an attack like this does happen, then the datacenter should have enough bandwidth to absorb the extra traffic. Our provider (Linode) got attacked once before really badly last Christmas, which caused significant instability for Flowlab at the time.

If you want to read the post-mortem write up of that attack with all the details, you can find it here:

Hopefully these attacks will trigger either more upgrades or additional mitigation strategies, so that we don’t encounter this again.

@grazer it says that one of my games have been updated today when i clearly did not go on flowlab for 24hrs. is there something i dont know about or is it because of the attack… i just wanted to make sure that nobodys hacking into my account :confused:

It says the same thing for one of my games

Any time someone plays or favorites a game it will adjust the “updated at” date, since the play count or favorites count is updated. No need to worry about this datacenter attack - there was nothing directed at our servers in particular, the network itself was the target.

that’s a relief. Thanks grazer!