Problem with game

It will always say, Danger!
Dont touch this
Click to restart every time i test the level, i dont know what is happening, i have no enemies with dangerous behavior bundles

Can you link your game?

The collision is set to “any”

Set it to something that is bad

I have the same problem, and the worst part is the bundle isn’t even open on ANY of my sprites. I made a new bundle with different text and colors, but the purpose is the same. However, the DANGER! message kept appearing. Each time I click it (to restart), the message pops up again.

Hey Jenreads, post a link to your game and it will be easier for folks to provide help :slight_smile:

It’s been resolved now, I just had to delete my sprite then place it again.

I also need help I am trying to export my game onto my desktop so I can upload it to Kongregate but when I click export it brings me to the pricing tab does that mean I have to pay for a premium account to export it


I was able to export without that a while ago though. Sadly I can’t find my old file I used for it though :frowning:

Im going through the same thing

I tried jenread’s thing and it didnt work

Edit the collision type from “Any” to the enemy.