problem with my game

when I play this game on my phone. the buttons work, but I can only use one button at a time… I am not sure why this happens, but I think it would be cool if you could set a block as a button on the settings as if it was a key on the keyboard

link for my game:

you can use the keys wasd to move and spacebar to shoot. but as i said i can only use one button at a time on my phone

um… I need heelp. :dissapointed_relieved:

I think flowlab only supports one click at the same time.

Btw the game is funny. You’re on a good path.

CBG requested it too for his Starblast game. I think Grazer will implement it, hopefully.

Clicks & taps should work more than one at a time, it’s the mouse position/drag that only can work for one finger. I’ll look into this to see what’s going on.

I like your game by the way - it plays really smoothly.

thanks for the awesome response guys, means a lot! I hope the problem will be figured out soon. might be that I did something wrong as well.

Hey @“Magnus Aalde” - it appears that my last mobile touch event update had broken multi-touch. I just deployed an update so that it works again, thanks for reporting.

If you rebuild, multiple buttons should be working simultaneously