- Problem With Objectives -

The Problem

In My Game, Knights of Alveron, I have a syntax and logic piece of Code for my objective and yet it seems to not only not work, but lag and glitch my whole game so much that I had to remove it from the scene I was testing it on.

This I how I done it

I coded for when it was sent message "Objective Complete"add one to the main variable objective. the I had a logic Gate and a Filter stating clearly, “If ‘Objectives’ was equal to one, and you press ‘o’ It would display your Quest” and yet does not work, yet the Objective does seem to be equal to one.

This Should Work, but I cannot figure out what is wrong with it. Any Help?

The game: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/1205963

could you describe where and what the objectives do please :slight_smile:

The Objectives are meant to display what the objective is when o is pressed based on the variable number (Code is in object objectives 1 - Ignore the rest, going to delete them)

What level and what objects are this in? @“The Kodex”

I meant what they do Their game sorry didn’t make that clear:)