My character is supposed to chase a ball but instead it moves away, (go to party mode in the levels tab, and then click the boombox guy)

I played the boom box guy - who is supposed to be chasing the ball? I didn’t see anyone else moving.

its the red guy in the bottom left corner sorry

u might have to move him around in the editor

He appears to be set to follow the manta ray, not the ball - is that on purpose?

it was set to something behind him, oops, thanks! :smile:

when ever i set it to follow the ball it switches it to follow the post, @grazer

We’re still talking about the boom box guy? When does it switch to the post - immediately when you set it to follow the ball, or after reloading the game?

no, the guy in the bottom left corner, and yes it’s immediately, once i click okay and go back. @grazer