Problems with My Mobile Racing Game

This is a more general forum based on the reoccuring problems with my new game. First, yes I know, I said this is general and it is tagged as game design. Second, This is NOT what I referenced in my other forum about Racing games in Flowlab. This is a new Mobile game about racing for collectibles and avoiding incoming objects. Now, this is a recyclable forum, and will be used for all my problwms with the game.

The Link will be bellow, and my first problem with this is a slight Save Data solve. In my other games, I have used Save Data to do many things for different purposes successfuly, but in most I was aided and history is to repeat itself. Basically, In my game the player can Change the colour of their car in the Garage by simply tapping or clicking the car in the Garage. This works fine, but the only problem is I want it to save the colour you choose so it also takes effect on the next level, but unfortunatley resorts to the default blue. In my code I use numbers and variables to allow this to happen even with a loop which only allows up to 3 before going back to one. So, my usual shout outs @“JR 01” @Superstargames @seamothmaster45 and @GrimProductionZ Tske a look at the code for my game, LITTERALLY started it at 9 yesterday to early today, So don’t expext muxh, I have limited time on my Desktop:

Lets fix and simplify that, shall we:

For his consistent efforts to help the community with advice and examples I herewith present to our honored member @“JR 01” the glorious…

… Speech … Speech … Speech :slight_smile:

Thanks @JR_01 ! You totally deserve it! Whenever you can, check out The Creation of the Retroscape, I need a lityle more help…

Thanks @TinkerSmith, I’ve been doing it for a year now and it slowly became like an addiction lol.
Just always learning more about Flowlab and trying to help anyone who is trying to use it.

@“JR 01” I want to add ads to this mobile game but for some reason whenever I try to sign in to AdMob, when I click “Create AdMob Account” It just says an error has occured. Why? Can anyone help me?

You may need a Google Developers account.

@“JR 01” How do you get one?

Giving google $25 for a licence to put apps in the Google Play Store.

It does not say that. It just says “Error. Try at a different Time”. @“JR 01”

It was just a guess, I’ve never had that error. I have a different email for my Google Play products / apps

@“JR 01” Also for some reason on the “Infinite Top Down” Level of my mobile game, after a minute it should send a message that gives +1 XP but instead crashes due to an “Infinite Loop”. If you could look into that, that would be fantastic.


Here @“JR 01” (Link is also in the body):

Thought this was a different discussion, didnt look at the top lol.

Ok, a quick look and I can tell its looping on = 0, this is probably what you need instead:

Thank you @“JR 01” for that help. I also managed to make an AD-MOB Account, and made a “Reward” Unit… What Do I do now?

Put it in the Admod behavior only on the device your exporting it to and leave the others blank

@“JR 01” What is mean to happen in test mode? because I have an ad on my “Car” Object on the level named “Endless Top Down” Which should, on start, have an ad, and I put the detailes onto it, but nothing seems to be happening.

You can only use admod behavior with exported games, including Tests

That makes it hard to test if it works but okay…