I have problems in my game so I hope someone could fix them.
1.When I eat a jellyfish I want it to lose -5 health and the trench to lose 30 health. I cant do that
2. On the beach level, The shark can jump way too high if you press the up arrow key too long. Sharks do not flyXD
3. When dead, the game restarts but the health bar is empty. Its just weird and i want to fix it.
4.How do you make an object have a different gravity? I want the sand to have a higher gravity so its hard to jump.
5.Oh yeah and when you go to the beach, its okay but when you go down to the surface, everything restarts (kind of)and the health bar’s full.

How could I solve these problems?

  1. You want to put a expression A=30 Out= A-5. Then hook out to A and then what ever comes through the out is the new value.
  2. Maybe you could make it so when you collide with the water the basic run and jump will be set to true but when you exit it turns to false.
  3. This happens because the game needs to update start the hp at 29 then make a once add 1 hp then It will show your health at full.
  4. You can’t make a object have a certain gravity you can only turn it on or off.
  5. I didn’t see any times this happened in your game I will check again to be sure though.

Thx, but how do you do no. 2? And how do you make it turn on or off?

Sorry mistake you need to put 30 into value of the health bar not what I said
I’m not sure about #2 maybe @grazer could help you i mean he did create this website.

  1. Collision with sand -> lower number -> player jump force
    Collision with the another thing -> normal number -> player jump force
  1. remove the repeat delay in the up key or add some repeat delay

i know this isn’t my conversation but if you wanted to make you player move slower underwater how would you do that?

its equal to 4 but but the number sets a lower number to movement speed @nkbulider

thank you so much guys!, just one more thing. When I eat a jellyfish, and eat a fish, then eat another jellyfish the second one doesn’t remove health. Is it possible to fix this?