Programming problems

In my game there are doors you can go through by pressing spacebar. The space trigger goes in a switch, with a collision or proximity trigger that turns the switch on. The doors are in pairs and basically teleport you to set coordinates. My problem with the collision trigger is you have to move the player away from the door and then back in order to turn the switch back on, aka you can’t spam the spacebar and hop back and forth between the doors. However with a proximity I fix that problem, but then once you go through a door you could be halfway across the level, press space, and you’ll pop back to the partner door’s coordinates. I prefer the proximity. In theory what I need is proximity to send a signal when the proximity stops. I have a vague idea of how to implement this using a filter with a pass/fail maybe but can’t quite figure it out. Has anybody else accomplished this or have a more efficient way to solve this problem? TIA.

Use a prox, and 2 timers.

Both timers are set to 0, the first timer starts the second timer, the prox starts the first timer, and resets the 2nd timer. So whenever the player enters the detection field, the first timer goes off until the player leaves, in which the 2nd timer turns on once. Good with switches, and animations

Thanks! I’ll have to try that out. :smiley:

Smart solution, @jngthree