Project Underground

So my new game is going to be called project underground It is a stealth top down shooter in which the player has to explore a facility that he / she wakes up in.


  • 100 plus weapons to suit every play style
  • The ability to use 5 different movement abilities
  • The game is designed to support a play style of stealth or just brute force
  • custom characters

Release Platforms
I will try to get this game out on steam and Itch io the game will not be available for play in browser

the game will have a free demo but the full game will most likely cost about 5$

Release date
The game at the moment is estimated to release by the end of july 2021 but it may take longer

Am I looking for help
at the moment I need help in the sound and art catagorys of development so pm me if you are interested


That sounds so cool! Sadly, I am not good in the sound and art category, I stick to behaviors. But I can not wait!


That sounds like a fun game!

As much as I’d love to get involved with a group project, my skills are not up to par for a professional project just yet. Essentially I am underqualified right now, but I’m trying to get better.

Good luck with your project!