Proof Of Concept: Grid Like Physics

I’ve created a simple Proof-of-concept for grid-like movement on a physics object. It’s made up of two objects, the physics object itself, and a sprite object which is tracked to the position of the physics object. The position tracking is modified with expressions to allow the sprite object to only be positioned in the 16x16 area of the screen the physics object is inside of,. Thus giving the sprite grid-like movements.

In case you want to see it in action, or look at the behaviors for use in your own games, here’s a link to the test

This is weird and interesting - thanks for posting :slight_smile:

This seems super interesting, going to have to check this out later.

Also @grazer youre not dead!

Edit: Reminds me of “Getting Over It”

Not sure if anyone will use this in their games, but it’s not a bad concept though.