Properties tab, Project tab

More features!!!


Properties tab

It would be awesome if there was an upgrade to the properties tab. Just like construct or unity.

Project tab

It would be cool if there was a feature where you could see how many blocks are in the game currently.

It would be easier to make games if there was a new type of block-like programming language. Because sometimes it’s hard to make games because there are thousands of strings connected to each other. And some famous game developers completely forgot how their game functions, Because all of those wires and strings. It doesn’t need to be complex just the same functions of behaviors but on a tekst-like Stijl.

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@grazer, Sorry for tagging you.

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Seeing how many objects in the game sounds cool, but other than that I don’t think these are needed

@Ramshacklegamestudios, Je I agree.

Did you click on the link? Because there are more features than this!


No I didn’t.

I might check it out

( Need 20 characters, lol. )


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Why Does Everyone Want To Change The Way Of How Flowlab Works?

@pixelknife31, Maybe to make flowlab easier to use. To improve flowlab to its true potential.

Well Some People Still Like How It Is Now So, Im Thinking All These Ideas Should Be Optional. (In My Opinion)


We could keep on it’s current position. But adding these features would improve a lot. Plus if you don’t want this feature in you’re editor maybe there would be a switch to turn it off or a delete button to delete the feature from your editor.


Hey, @JR01, I became you’re 5000 player on your game escape the rewind.

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 19.17.56

ooo, nice @R0CK
I hoped you enjoyed the game!

Now I have to be 5001, lol.

Dang it, 29 people beat me to it.

@JR01, I enjoyed the game.


Check this post out for cool features like shader effects and stuff.


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I have seen the post @R0CK, and I’ve done teraforming blocks before in Flowlab. You can use the animations to make it automatically become the block you want with some programming.

My animator and designer of my games (@Baron_Wasteland ) wanted the steampunk platforms to decorate the levels. It just made it faster to insert Tetris pieces to make a level than using blocks. This also goes for the engine as well, like having less hitboxes (for not having 32x32 blocks) makes the game smoother.

Which reminds me, I need to redo my teraforming shader affect that I did with NYCTOPHOBIA… one day…