Proximity error and white screen?

@grazer, I’m trying to make grass and block proximity to red square, but it causes a white screen in play editor and doesn’t detect red. What is going on here? I don’t understand why the blocks won’t proximity a block on top of it.

Maybe a bug - post a link?

@grazer my bad, it’s the skeleton mapping one from the other thread. If I place the player near the red blocks, and hit play while editing, the screen turns white. The blocks also don’t destroy even though they should be in proximity with block and player.

I figured out the white screen bug. When the player has a camera, and you try to test the game outside of the beginning area rectangle, the camera doesn’t work. Adding this to buglist.

I haven’t figured out the proximity issue though.

So I haven’t tested this yet, but if I understand the description correctly you are saying that the player is outside of the camera bounding box (which it is not allowed to leave).

If that’s true, how would you expect this to behave? I’m not saying it’s not a bug, but I’m not sure what sensible behavior would be in this case. The camera can’t pan over to the player - maybe an error message if the player starts outside the camera bounds?

Well if I play the game and spawn there, the camera spawns with the player, but if I spawn there while testing in the editor, the camera doesn’t move to the player. It works in play, but not in editor. This means in I use a metroid style door entry off screen, I’ll have to have the player start in the box, but receive a once message to teleport position to the door I was supposed to come in with a fading black screen or something to hide the transition.

The camera just doesn’t snap onto the player while using the editor, only in play mode.

ok, I probably just misunderstood the issue - I’ll try to repro it myself so I understand it properly