Proximity Help please!

Can anyone help please?!
I am trying to make it so my player will be forced to go into a crawling animation (by pressing the ‘D’ key) to go through a specific area - to avoid activating the ‘start at the beginning of the game’ Spikes. When it is in walking animation I want the ‘start at the beginning of the game’ Spikes TO be activated. The activation all works but I want it to be de-activated when the player goes into crawling mode. I have used a switch but this isn’t doing the job.

Is this even possible?? I’d be so grateful for any help! Here is the link to my game:
This is the last issue I have and then the game is completed so I am very keen to sort out the problem ASAP if anyone is able to find some time to help me.

Many thanks in advance.

There are more complex ways to do this, but the easiest would be to add a switch in the spike.
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Thank you for your help but it hasn’t worked. Anything in the proximity settings that could make a difference? Any other thoughts please?

That was suppose to be in the spike…

I have changed the spikes to poison ivy now by the way. same issues as above though.

Put the switch in the spike/ivy

I have realised my error so it now works when player stands up from crawling animation which is fab but I need to prevent the player from just walking through still. So close to sorting this now!
Thanks for all your help again. :slight_smile:

Turn the switch on in the editor, this way it starts ON.

Also change the proximity from 22 to 18 and make the shape a Box.


THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! It’s all working now! :slight_smile: