Proximity Specifics

I’m using a different system than a ton raycasts to spread a contamination now. The problem is: I’m using proximity instead. Even though it’s like 4 times less laggy, it’s still very slow. Can anyone tell me how to make proximity less laggy or how to check if an object is on top of another without proximity?

You could use positions to compare where they are from each other.
As well as using AngleTo and Distance bundles to find the object.

But really, small Raycasts or Proximities shouldn’t be causing much problem.
What are you trying to do specificly?

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I just took a look at the performance metrics. I don’t actually know how to play, but just letting the game run for a while, it stayed at a steady 60fps (on my 2015 Mac Laptop). Proximity didn’t even show up in the behavior metrics, so maybe I’m not triggering the lag properly though?

Odd. I just got home so I’m going to test it on my good computer.

Forgot to mention that I did change the proximity up a bit, so that may be why.