PUGINARUG'S Flowlab Dungeons and Dragons

Hey, i’m making this because i don’t wanna flood the original topic.

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my charecter:
Name: Pengu
Age: 4
Home: Arctic
Species: Penguin
Origin: Raised in arctic by other penguins.
Appearence: Fluffy, cute
Health: 50
Weopens: Snowball Cannon, Ice Cube Sword, Snowflake Shurikens
Abilites: Can not Freeze, Sliding on ice, Cuteness, Friendly, Friends with all Ice Creatures, Can swim, can talk to other penguins, Waddles
Other stats:
Chance to persuade: 75%
Chance to crit: 5%
Crit damage: +30
Speed: Medium | On Ice: Very fast
Status: Friendly/Neutral
Negative: Cannot talk, Weak, Derpy, Only eats Raw Fish
Allies: Polar bear that Pengu can ride on named Polar
Heath: 100
Weopons: Claws
Speed: Medium
Other stats:
All attacks cause bleeding to the enemy
Chance to crit: 10%
Crit damage: +25
Abilites: Can carry up to 3 people, Can not Freeze, Warms any people riding it, Tough takes 20 less damage from melee attacks
Negative: Can only eat Raw Fish, Eats alot

Reply to the topic if you’d like to join, the story takes place in the wild west

ur being dm just so i cant kill you with my baguet, arent you?

i won’t have a character so no, also i’d like to keep the story and characters decently serious(although you can goof around if it fits within the context and your character)

dont bring that up over and over again lets just start

i am knight DW
(but its in the wild west so im sherif dw)
i have a sword and a b- i mean peice of texas toast

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Ok, here’s some rules:
Try to make your character fitting with the theme
No insanely crazy/op characters who just solve every problem with no difficulty
Try to take roleplaying decently seriously

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im still being Pengu though

ok, i’ll give him a cowboy hat and a polar bear to ride on

no, ur rootin tootin pengu, a bandit

i like pugs idea more

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what about me?
is sherif dw good?

Yeah i guess, anyway lets begin!

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The year is 1978, New Mexico, USA. A penguin with a cowboy hat rides into town, the sheriff, described as a ‘‘shadowy’’ man by the locals forces the penguin to halt, due to the polar bear it’s riding being a danger to the locals.


what in tarnation are ya doing ridin that beast around? i say

Hes me mate i can control him mighty fine dont you worry mate

i hand him my b- i mean texastoast.
“im trustin ya” i say

A strange looking man wearing green lipstick, a wide-brimmed hat and pale skin rides by on a goat while carrying a bag of money, a banker is chasing him.

joker! (lol)

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