Question on Import (non-Jam- no urgency)

Hey, just putting non-urgent in the title 'cause I realize there’s a good chance a lot of the people that might be able to answer are busy putting final touches on their jams.

Can you use the import function to modify existing functions?

E.g. I notice if I copy/paste the easer into the import field, it has a duration listed. For future ideas, I’d like to replace this with a value from an added 3rd input so that I can dynamically change the easer.

Is there a good tutorial on how to do this or a specific language that would make the code make more sense to me so I can go stuff like that?

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Hey @larson103 - good eye, but it doesn’t quite work the way you’re describing, if I understand you correctly.

The JSON data that you can import/export just acts as a set of instructions to create and configure the blocks - it’s can’t modify the blocks’ behavior, unfortunately.

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I think you understood me right? Not sure… it sounds like you did and the answer is indeed no.

Another way of putting it would be- can you copy a block, paste the code into the import, and then modify the code to force it to create a new block but with modified inputs?

I assume by configure you mean in relation to each other, i.e. linking them together, not messing with their internals?

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Yeah, by configure I just mean it tells the behavior window what blocks to create, how to adjust their settings, and how to connect all the links. Anything you can do with the import code, you can also do manually in the behavior editor.

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