Question on Object Naming

So, I took some inspiration from JR_01’s One game and I’m trying to limit objects in my game. Since I have free edition I only have so many objects, so I tried making one object take the role of many different ones.

One way of doing this was to make it send a message to itself, but send to a specific object and make it have an animation and its own code. Although this is a pain since I need to send a message to every different object there is.

Is it possible to name a bunch of objects the same object name and just send one message to that object name.
For example an sprite named Drewer and the Object name is Object 125. If I named multiple drewer objects Object 125 or something else similar, would one message send to all of them, or just the object selected?

I think I tried something similar in the past and it didn’t work too well so I was wondering if this was a thing, and if not then it would be a very cool feature in the future.

@JR_01 @grazer?



No but you can use a Global behavior.

What these do is they save any input you give them and export it out to other Globals of the same name. This will effectively do what you are asking here, and is much simpler to implement.


You can also just use one or two extra message blocks, or to save on space saves or globals, like @DarkStar_Studios said.

What I did in one, was giving an ID to every clone (starting value).
The messages is sent to all objects but it also starts with a specific ID. Each object will pop the ID and take the message only if the message matches its ID.