Questions about Educational License

Really excited to start teaching Flowlab at the school where I work, but I do have a few questions about the Educational license plan.

  1. What exactly does a “Student account,” include. The Educational license says “Unlimited Student accounts,” but it doesn’t specify what the student accounts can do. I assume it’s more or less a full account just somehow linked to the “teacher,” account or whatever, but I a want to double check before I start to plan around it.

  2. How does student account migration work? If a student is linked to my account, can they unlink after the class is over? What happens if they bypass the 3 game limit of the free trial while they are a student and either unlink, or I cancel / pause my subscription? Are their games lost?

Student accounts have access to every paid feature, including unlimited games. If you choose to cancel your subscription or your students “unlink” (idk if that’s possible), then all student accounts will likely downgrade to free accounts, but all their games and objects will remain. Thus, no progress, objects or games will be deleted, but you just can’t create more objects or games if you are at the free account limit. There is a “Teacher dashboard” setting on every student account, I don’t know what that really does though.

Im not too familiar with the educational license as I only have an indie license, but Ill tag the creator of FlowLab and he can give you a definitive answer @grazer

@Luminous thank you, answered all my questions :slight_smile:

No problem!