Questions about Save

I’m neglecting to test the new save feature, because I don’t know how it works, and I want to understand it better before adding saving into my game.

When you save, and close the browser, can you load the save?
Can you load the save from another computer?
Are the saves saved somewhere on your computer like flash game save files, or are they linked to your flowlab account?
Do saves work on phones?
Do saves work on the apps?
If you release an app update, does the save still work?
If you saved, but removed or changed features, does it corrupt the save?
If you delete the app, does the save stay?
If you rename the game, does the save stop working?
Could a flowlab update break a save?
Can saves be transferred to a new phone if you get a new phone?
Are saves in a cloud?
Can you have more than one save file per game? If so, how many?
Can you delete a save within the game?
Can you copy a save within the game?

Saves can be used across sessions, but not across computers. They are saved to your browser, but if downloaded they save to their own particular file: hope this clarifies

Saves save numbers, not the actual state of the game, so saves arent corruptable

Interesting. So if I want to save that I’m on Level 5 with 85 health and 5680 gems, it saves those numbers, so if I make a GUI system that stays between all levels, and I click continue, I can once all that information and the game will go to level 5 and load 85 health, and 5680 gems, but I’ll be at the beginning of the level. Well, I’ll just have to put save stations instead of autosave or save and quit, so you can’t beat an easy boss, collect the treasure, save, quit, and reload at the boss to farm it over and over for easy cash, unless I put flags for bosses like 1 is alive and 0 is dead. I can do that for powerups and events like special doors and earthquakes that change the map, so every dead boss and power up doesn’t reappear in the world.

Yeah, thats kinda what I do, the game has a checkpoint system, so 0 means you havent played, 1 means youve beaten the first section, and so on

you can see how i use the save behaviour in my game… a sin counter and local saver

That’s just the easy stuff, because if you can think about a metroid game, you would have to have a flag for every single missile pack, every super missile pack, every bomb pack, every beam power up, every single boss, and every little tile on the map that you have been to will have to have a flag so when you load the game, it shows that you have already been to that part of the map. That’s a lot of stuff to make flags for.