Is there anyway of embedding adverts to the finished project?

Is there a reason why my label only works once and then after resetting the game it disappears? The label is supposed to show the highscore. I have placed a mailbox in User Interface which goes to the + input of a number expression which then outputs to a label. The score works perfectly going up by 1 every time a player gets a point, but as soon as the game ends or the webpage is refreshed the score disappears and no longer works. Should I change the reset on level start to keep on level restart? I don’t want the score to carry on after the level is restarted I just want the behaviours to stay.


The label disappears. But if you want it to show. Set its default to something like 0, then reload the page

by default the label is empty (shows nothing), you have to set it to a number or some text for it to display

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It’s strange because I label the label as 0 and the first time you play the 0 is showing. As soon as you refresh the page the 0 has gone. Then the only way to get the label back again is to delete it and add a new one. Basically the score works, the label is showing the score in real time (going up 1,2,3,4,5 etc) but as soon as you lose and the level is restarted, the score wont restart with the game. It just disappears from the User interface and when you go into the behaviours, the label is still there but its not really doing anything?

Maybe it is a bug - can you post a link to the game?

I’ve had this bug happen to me for every game I’ve made, I thought it was a feature