Quick question why cant I clone games from teams

I’m in a team cause someone was nice and made more games for me but I just bought indie and I wanted to clone them so they’re under my name, for some reason, it says I have to upgrade my account but I’m indie what’s going on?

try refreshing the page and waiting a few minutes

it already lets me clone the others though so do i still wait (like 1 part is faster than another) or is it just stuck again i don’t own the team

I think only the owner of the game can clone the game, but I’m not for sure.


No because my friend nhgcr cloned CubeTales 2 twice (first to make CubeTales Multiplayer and then again to make CubeTales: Sparks of War). I am the one who owns the team. Both of these cloned games don’t show up on my profile but I can still edit them for some reason.

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@ManiacPumpkin is correct: you can only clone your own games.


I’m not sure what is going on with your games @John_Shrekinson - but you should not be able to clone games you don’t own. The exception to this rule is for student accounts, which have special rules.