About the game: Dash all of the spikes coming towards you. And don’t get hit or else, Game over.

Here is the link of the game: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1463430

Great game as always!
Hey, you make so many minigames, you should make a minigame game, like Board Game Island in Wii Party!

@meburningslime, That’s not a bad idea. But I need to have more knowledge of the behaviors and the structure of it. Maybe in the future.


@meburningslime, Plus I don’t know much about multiplayer or the structure of it there like three blocks of multiplayer behaviors. So it’s kinda confusing.

@R0CK I could help you with multiplayer! For more about the behaviours of flowlab, check out my tutorial forum page, wiki page and game.

@meburningslime, Thanks I appreciate it.