Radius Effect

I added TNT to my game and I want to get it to work properly. Everything else works but how can I make a block know what specific TNT is blowing it up? I’ve been working on this too long trying to find a answer to this but ive none so I came here I am trying to get this to work with multiple TNT on one level

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You can select specific objects with the proximity

Thats not helpful I’m trying to get the TNT to work when there is multiple TNT on the map like I specified originally. Here is the link like you asked for @“JR 01” http://flowlab.io/game/play/1033540

Oh ok, proximates seems to affect all objects instead of them individually. so it blows up all the blocks from only one of the block detecting TNT. Also it may be better to delete objects after the TNT animation may by messages and that will turn on the switch for the objects blowing up. I just don’t know why all the clone objects detects it if 1 blows up. solve this then all TNT would work individually.

How can I make sure a specific tnt is gonna blow up a specific block messages won’t work they will send to all of that type of block. Fixing this would be manditory before I can even fix the tnt blowing up blocks individually. @grazer might wanna consider adding a behavier that can detect a specific object and send a input to that object.

Maybe just a Proximity Message, where it sends messages to all of this type of block that’s close. For now, just make the TNT emit an object that is NOT solid but collisions ARE on. The block could look like an explosion! :slight_smile: