💧 Raindrop -- New Game?

I have a idea for a new game, I will have to make it later because my school blocked flow lab. But it is where your guy is a raindrop which before you could choose if you are girl or boy. But you have to go through a coarse. Since you are a raindrop you can go into different states, such as a cloud and steam. Each one has to have time to reload though. And you try to go to the finish line. I am thinking there will be about 3 - 15 levels.

Another part I am thinking of is that you have limited time. You have until the sun comes up to finish the coarse, otherwise you evaporate into the air.

I hope I can work on this soon, and if you have any suggestions, please speak up!


sounds pretty cool, neat.

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i like the idea i wish you can do it now tho


haha, I’ll do it for you.

OMG REALLY?THANK @DinoDev your a hero

Do I hear a collab? :smirk:

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oof @hihilogic just why just why

Cuz I’m itching to get with someone on a project? Work with them in real time? I just got finished with algiophobia soo…


oof well just wow so


I’m the rogue arcade owner.