Ramshackle games

  1. finish DoM

  2. New game I will be making alongside DoM
    it will be a puzzle game including portals (kinda like portal)

  3. Jello

  4. any other ideas

Nice! Looking forward to them!

I think your main priority should be DoM. Since its a big project, I would like to see it complete. Although, I can understand if you wanting to make another game, just taking a break from always working on the same game. I just spent almost three whole days working and fixing my inventory system and now that its somewhat complete, I can relax a little knowing my accomplishments. So I can totally understand if you were wanting to take a break and work on a different game.

Man I need to calm down on randomly letting this stuff out, well too lazy to edit so…

@ManiacPumpkin I completely agree, DoM is a really big project. Like you said, I’m SOOOOOO tired of making the same game! I’m planning on finishing DoM whenever I can, but I feel if I’m just adding things without taking a break I’ll be rushing and the game won’t be as good. If you want I can message you the link of the start of my next big game!

Okay, sounds good @Ramshacklegamestudios.

I know how you both feel. I’ve been working on Pixel Sports for nearly 2 years now, non-stop, and I’ve always felt that I needed a break. I’m taking a break from that now, but I am starting to come back a bit… by degrees.
Anyways, enough of me rambling, I am excited to see this puzzle game that you just mentioned. I really like puzzle games!