Ramshacklestudios are looking for pixel-artists!

As you might have heard Ramshacklestudios have announced a new game! We very much need pixel artists right now! If you would like to be a Subject 14 pixel artist than please answer this poll and send an example!

  • I’m in!

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Ignore that lol I accidentally voted

Hi (0202-012i3028401937537598)

what pixel art ya need help wit

Hello @Ramshacklegamestudios ! I’d be glad to take part in the project! Mind if I ask what genre it is, and the art style?

hi rcreger (20202020202020202020)

Hey @rcreger! I’m temporarily postponing this project (as you can see it is from a long time ago), but we could always use some extra help with DoM!

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Oh, didn’t see that :grimacing: just saw that a reply was recent. But I’d be happy to help! I’ve got a few (by few I mean 4-5) projects on my hands, and it keeps me busy. Just know that I can’t focus on DoM 100% then, because my main priority is Sol, I just like doing external projects, too.

I can say I’m okay with working with sprites, animation, screenplay, concept art, and writing as my strong points, so if a position is needed as listed, I’ll be glad to contribute!


I wanna help too!

I forgot i help with music for DoM

Ok @rcreger i’ll invite you to the team!

If you ever want to add something I didn’t ask for just ask me or F3 if you can!

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If I were to add anything, I’ll pitch it first, so don’t fret over that:)

I’d say I’d be very interested in writing a few side quests, some dialogue, doing some sprites and animations, and would be happy to be part of the writing team (if there is a main plot). Just let me know where ya need me:)

EDIT: when I’m off work lol