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New to this and I’m a bit stuck. I’ve been watching tutorials online, searching the forums and looking at the development of some people’s games for help, but I’m still stuck. I’m trying to make a random word appear at the top of the screen (for example in box 4/0. Lets say I want either letter A, B or C to appear, but I want only one of them to appear at random. Is that possible? So far I’ve only been able to make one of the letters appear in a box by importing a letter. I can’t figure out how to make the game generate one of the letters at random.

Any help is much appreciated



Would it be better to use the emitter function? I could possibly get the game to emit a random imported sprite using the random and filter tools? But I don’t know how to make an object emit to a certain location

Do you want rondom letters (like this: uesgyfbsj). Or do you have to find a word?

I mean:
ealpp = apple
rca = car
glhit = light

I don’t understand you…

Sorry about that, thank you for your reply. So what I’m trying to do is for a random letter to appear at the top of the page (either an A, B or C) and then for the user to have a multiple choice of letters below (again A, B or C). The user has to click on one of the 3 letters below. Lets say the randomly generated letter at the top is letter A and the user clicks on the letter A below, then the user gains a point. If the user clicks B or C they lose.








Does that make any sense?

Thanks again


Something like this?

That is exactly what I meant :smiley: Thank you very much I wasn’t expecting that. I have looked through the editor and am slightly confused. Firstly what I’ve tried to do is massively over complicated lol. Secondly, I understand that the “Once” starts things off and that “random” generates a random number. I also understand that “Filter” is taking the random number and deciding which letter is used. But I don’t really understand how animation, message and mailbox really work :neutral: I can’t really work it out from the behaviour support page. Many thanks again for doing that for me.


Ok maybe I’m understanding slightly more? Mailbox is a way of connecting between parts of the game? I think I was overcomplicating things as I didn’t know how to link two pages of the editor together so was trying to do everything in one place.

So the messages in your example turn off the incorrect letters and turn on the correct one and messages are received by mailboxes! :smiley: (that makes sense lol). I understand how the switches, the alert, restart and pause work thanks to you. I guess the only thing I don’t fully understand is the Animation boxes. Is it some sort of video? :smiley:

Ok I now understand the animation boxes, now struggling to use a mail box to switch off a switch. Just when you think you’re getting the hang of things you realise you’re out of your depth again :smiley:

The animations are the letters:

1 = A
2 = B
3 = C

So 26 = Z
You have to make an animation to show the letter. Otherwise you can’t see it.

Oh ok I see now, I didn’t understand how to make an animation, but guess you can import a sprite and save it in the animation tool as an animation. Seems to have worked, not sure if that’s the correct way of doing it though :smiley:

Thank you for all your help. Stuck trying to make switches work by sending a message telling them to turn off (not sure how to do it if you’re not using a mouse click). Anyway I don’t want to keep bothering you as you’ve been a great help and I probably should sit and persevere.

Thanks again :smile: