Random Power-up effect like in mario kart

it doesnt work

it wont let me paste it.

It should look like this then, the minimum value for the random is 1, and the maximum is 15.
The delay in the timer is set at 15 but may vary depending on how long you want to wait before it finishes choosing a power. The animation should be checked on to looping.

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lol, i actually solved it before but its doing this weird thing, when the level starts it plays a random animation.

So what I said didn’t work?

i didnt try it yet.

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it worked. but ill use this for the NPC’s. And i dont know why with my code, when you start the level, it plays a random frame in the animation before you even hit the item box.

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umm for the random frame in the animation that happens this may be the cause

you seem to have a set up that will randomly pick an animation as soon as you get in the level, there are 2 of these, sorry if this for something different

that bundle is not used.

a timer will start automatically if nothing is there to start it

OHHH okay thank you! :smiley:

and could you make the max players for the game 8? and make the “blocky player” a multiplayer “player object”


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Thanks buddy! :smiley:

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