Random question about flowlab

I’m messing around with Unity Bolt, which unity recently (ish?) acquired from Ludiq. Is there a reason many icons look the same on there and flowlab? Some I can think of off the top of my head are (in flowlab) attacher, once trigger, timer, repeater, toggle switch, proximity and collision, and mouseclick.

Maybe @grazer would have an answer to this? Nothing urgent, just curious

Because they both use some of the same asset-packs / icons to present their behaviors.

Here’s one asset pack that I was able to find:



Here’s a download link, download on main site is un-available:

Ah, so they just use the same free icons. Makes sense, thanks!

Yep, @JR01 is right - I found the FatCow icons when I started working on Flowlab, with the intention of replacing them with customized ones later.

They’ve kind of grown on me though, so I’m not really looking to replace them for now :slight_smile:


There’s also a ton of icons you can still use in this asset pack @grazer :laughing:

acorn auction_hammer_gavel mario spam


@JR01 - OK, now you just have to help me figure out what the new Spam block will do. We have an icon, that’s the hard part.


@grazer it would be like the repeater,
but with no limit and always on.

So it should trigger an infinite amount of times, every frame? That may take some optimization to prevent possible performance impact, but this seems like the correct direction.

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Yeah i noticed @grazer used the Kenney’s sprite pack for some of the tutorial sprites. Also his multiplayer game apocalypse arena has some sprites from another art pack i don’t know why I brought this up it kind of fit in with the situation. @grazer you could hire some one or have a member one Flowlab.io make you custom sprites for you games and stuff to make it look like Flowlab.io is all original.

I mean, I kinda like them

Hey grazer you should replace the old always behavior icon to the spam one:


lol, it would make sense, if anyone gets this.

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