random rotation on a fireball and gain speed over time

how do i make my fireball fly around the map each time it hits the end of the map it bounces off in a random degree and keep on doing that forever
and how to do so it over time increases the fireballs speed depending on how long you are in the map :slight_smile:

you can make that using a random behaviour (the dice one), a number behaviour and a Velocity or Position.

Isnt that hard

hey here is a link to my game if somebody could help i would be happy
want to get the meteor to fly randomly around the room


Here is a really simple way: random_comet

This works, but has the issue that the comet doesn’t always bounce away from the wall it hits. A more sophisticated approach would be to set the rotation to a random range depending on which wall it hits.


this is how far i made it but i allways goes into the right cornor anybody can help?

Your min/max values for the random angle generation are pretty strange. That’s probably why it always ends up in that corner. I think you would want them between 0 & 360 (min 0/max 360), right?


In addition, I think you should have a different range of angles for each wall collision, so you can more selectively choose a reflection angle. The way it is set right now, the comet is likely to choose a bounce angle directly back into the wall.