Random spawning of bricks in idle game

these are two different blocks how do i make them spawn randomly as in instead of them being perfect in rows how do i make them spawn in a random place in that area

choose a random number between blank and blank, change X to random number
same with Y

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? can you be more specific


galactian dont clown me i texted you on discord if you havent read that yet

I’m at school i don’t have internet lol (data)

random number script between (insert number here) and (insert number here), go to that random number on the X axis
same with the y axis

oh well i just texted you saying that i know your making a game like this too but i wanna make a game like this as well mainly for my brother to play and besides it could be some good competition

Idle balls should be done by the end of the week (beta release basically) trust me it will be worth the wait for your brother to like it. If it’s just for your brother to play i’m fine but it looks like a direct copy lol

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lmao yea that does look fun this one im making focus more on the art and itl be more simple then yours on terms of money for instance but ill have other things in it as well and im not necessarily copying you cuz neither of our games are original lol at least not on flowlab and even then for every genre its just who can make it better/who makes it more enjoyable

ok? ill try to do what i understand from this

You could make the bricks randomly choose what type of brick to be, using one type of brick.

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an example from one of my own games

as well? they are the same health and what not its just different animation lol and i will have them have dif health brik 1 and brick 2 + BIG brik but until then i need them to start spawning

He wants the bricks to sometime be red and sometimes orange, not have a random position.

no i do want a dif position like i said they have dif animations so they need to be scrambled

Yes, but you could just spawn them in their normal position and make them pick randomly between the two.

ohhh good point

but you see the problem is they are two different blocks because i didnt think of that so now im gonna have to change it