Randomised Pop up

I have no clue how to do this-
Im trying to make a math game, where when you collect an apple, a random math question pops up, BUT i dont want to use randomly generated numbers, I want it to pop up with a custom object.

I dont actually know if this is possible, but if it is, PLEASE help! :]
This is my game, i dunno if the link works

ALSO- Is it possible to freeze the character when it pops up, WITHOUT pausing the game, because i dont want the music to pause

? I think just make it when you collide with the apple, it triggers a random output with a router, then it spawns a question?

For the second question, either select pause behaviour and click the “don’t pause this object” button inside the object that is playing the music. Or you can just stop the dog using a switch

Thank you! I will try those :]

If you dont mind, can you make a mini example for the pause? Im not very good with the switches

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ok! that will be quick, but i need to go to school so I will when I get a chance (2 hours?)
Ok, now I have it:

Also if you want the dog to jump, then you should make the jumpforce larger. I deleted jumping in my example.

Your animations are really good btw

Thank you!
I hope i can figure the other one out :confused:

I feel bad when i keep coming across problems, but when i make that i dont how to make it stop when i collect an apple

well just link collision with the “off” input on your run and jump bundle

“off” does that mean the cant walk input, or somethign else?

i will contact you if i need help (if thats okay)

(the problem was that in your example, the can walk was connected to off instead of on)

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Oops :sweat_smile:

okay, so ive gotten the router to work BUT is there anyway to get it to not choose the first one? because when i set it to random it still chooses the first one

?I think you are passing a value of 1 through the “select” instead of the “in”?

i just set it up with a randomizer and it works now :]

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