Randomized Platformer Game

I’ve Made A Randomized Platformer Game Basically I Need A Little Feedback On What I Should Add Or If Theres Bugs Besides Some Impossible Levels But Thats Kinda Hard To Avoid With Randomizers

So Please Give Me Feedback Thanks! :smiley:


very interesting. a lot of fun.

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fix it please
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I dont know if its a “platformer” i’d say its more a “top-down adventure”

It’s actually both top-down and platformer, this is pretty cool, I must inform you.

:DDDD @buy3get5free Thanks!

huh, ok then…

I like it, I would suggest adding enemies and other obstacles. I really enjoy that some levels are top down while others are side scroll. I would also change the door to a coin, since it is counting coins on the bottom, and make the player move faster on the top down levels.

It is similar to my FlowJam submission from the summer (see below). My levels were randomly generated as well…