Randomized Platformer

I’ve made a few forums about this but i think this might be the last one. I’d like a bit of reviews/ideas or even bug reports. So any of that would be appreciated for this game.

heres the link:


good game but I got softlocked

Yeah it happens, thats why theres a reset button at the top. sometime i might try to prevent it from happening.

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also make the walls friciton less or else you can just jump off of the wall

Dang i always forget friction exists

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for some reason my player went out of bounds

I haven’t had that happen to me before. I’ll add another layer of wall

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Idea: Add objects that begin to appear in later levels, and make more objects appear / disappear in those higher levels.

Why do I have to tell everyone this… :man_facepalming:

I’ve been considering reviving the project, i haven’t used flowlab in quite awhile now.
my house had burnt down and i haven’t had a computer to continue this.


I hope you’re doing alright. Good luck with the game! :blush:


Aww thanks, I’ll get around to it sometime after the holidays.


I have come back with a bit of an update to this game, added health and animations. Health system works as follows: Each time you run out of time, reset, or get hit by an arrow you lose 1 health.

You have 3 lives. Each time you lose one you also lose 30 coins. (helps motivate you to try in the game).
When you run out of lives you will get a game over, with bonus coins.

Each level counts as a coin so at the end if you completed 22 levels you will earn 22 bonus coins.

Also I added various things to steal for an extra 5 coins in the maze.

That’s it for now, as always I request any ideas for the game, all are appreciated.

I died to impossible platformers, it would be nice for those to be fixed.

Its difficult to make it always possible because it gets less random. I had added 2 platforms at the bottom that are always there to help.