All suggestions for the next two weeks will be featured in the description of FALLOUT ANARCHY. I want to see what you people think of my game in an attempt to see what you people think of my work.
Rate however you want, ?/5, ?/10, I don’t care.
To participate, you have to thoroughly look through the game, testing for glitches, looking at combat, and exploring the building. This is not for plays, and my proof is that if you rate it 0/5 or whatever, I’ll still put it down in the description.

I actually have a whole discussion for rating games! You can submit it if you want: https://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/6717/leave-your-game-here-and-ill-review-it-the-crigence-critique#latest


Dang it @Crigence , got here before I did! Well, I’m going to do what you did this time, hey @browngr , you could also go to my review, Bored Reviews if you’d like : forum.flowlab.io/discussion/6828/bored-reviews#latest . Thanks!

“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger

Oh wow, there’s another one! Thanks!

It is hard on the eyes man, from the start, on the right a somewhat decent quality image of a wasteland and on the left some pixel art of the vault boy.

You can go realistic or pixelated, don’t try to do both.
You got like 3 or 4 loading screens, really bad loading screens.
The sprites, oh boi I know you invested some hours on those sprites man, I feel it I can see your goal. But they fail, hard core, the animations are weird, static and way to big for the camera settings.
The walk cycle is fked up, floating pixels and stuff. You can infinitely spam your gun by just holding the space bar.
2/10 keep trying.

The spacebar is supposed to be an automatic. The 4 loading screens are on purpose. I wouldn’t jam everything in together on page, that would look ugly. Especially with the last two. The animations aren’t perfect, but they’re not that bad, dude. Also, I’m annoyed by the main menu as well. I’m gonna try to paste the image over the other one so that it doesn’t look bad. Besides that, all of your criticism is flawed. Sorry.

  1. Sure you can have a full auto weapon, but infinite ammo? that’s not very fallout of you.
    2)Bruh, 4 loading screens, nuff said.
  2. flawed in what form? All i’ve said are things you notice when doing a playthrough.

Beware of folly

Why aren’t you using your own discussion to review games anymore @“Daniel Folston” ?

You don’t have infinite ammo.