Rate my game so far

rate my game and report any bugs/glitches and just give it a reveiw (please dont hate this 2 days old) but i hope you enjoy! heres the link

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Idk how to play but when I drag the noob upwards it’s like the DVD screensaver hitting the corner :slightly_smiling_face:

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why is it that whenever i click the food bowl the game resets

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I don’t remember that happening. Maybe Vaprzz was still working on the game at that time?


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its because idk how to make it so you cant put food in it when you have no food so it resets the game you need to buy food from the store in the top left of the screen and the red button in the store to get out back there

just a temporary thing befor i know how to make it so if you dont have food to feed you cant put it in just look at my latest message here

understandable. its the PRE pre alpha

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yeah its the PRE PRE PRE alpha


yeah i need to fix that but being able to pick him up is intechinal