Rate my pixel art for my game!

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it’s not bad, but really ruined by the usage of mixels (different sized pixels) which make it look much worse than it should


It looks really good!

are u talking abt the grass?

no, some of the art on the side uses more than one size of pixel

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are you talking abt the characters?

10/10 looks like the games gonna be a lot of fun. Can’t wait.

I’m pretty sure when you tried to resize the character sprites some of the pixels became doubled. It happens a lot in construct 3 due to the difficulty of rendering small pixel-sized characters on a large pixel-sized screen. Sadly I don’t know how to fix that in flow lab.

You see how there are different pixel sizes here? Don’t do that!

Do this instead!

alright ill change it thanks for the input!

Ok, Check again if i made it better

Also can you help me improve the grass?

I need Help making a shop to buy eggs and Ect.