Raycast grid based movement being broken by sub0 x coordinates

so, if you try moving left from the starting point to anywhere that has an x coordinate below 0, you’ll find that you can’t. there is no wall there, but for some reason the position block does not allow movement past.

interestingly, movement gets buggy if you spawn the playercharacter past x0. the player can now clip thru walls, and while it can move up down and right, it still is blocked from moving left.

i set the raycast to only be triggered upon detecting a wall, to no avail.

it does not detect a wall, and inputs a trigger to move, but refuses to :unamused:

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Huh, the position behavior is broken with it’s set to grid…
and it doesn’t let you use negative grid values. Let me get that reported to Grazer.

In the meantime, try changing the position block to use pixels
and change all your numbers from 1 and -1 to 32 and -32.

The Raycast on the other hand seems to be working as intended.

does that mean it wont allow you to go anywhere with a negative coordinate? kinda neat

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s a bug.
There should be no reason for it to not allow you to go to negative grid values.