Raycast (ignore)

The raycast block doesn’t care what it hits, only that it hits something, even though there’s a space to specify what you want to hit. If raycast does hit something, it outputs both hit and miss. Another thing, just a tiny detail, raycast doesn’t drag other connected behaviors, and moving inputs doesn’t move raycast either.

Man you have to select the object you want it to detect… You left it on Any type


…No i didn’t

That’s weird then.

It works perfectly for me even the thingy about dragging with other behaviours…

I don’t know what’s going with you

Post a link to the game, and tell me which object has the misbehaving RayCast - I’ll check it out. It’s brand new, so it’s certainly possible that there is a bug or two that I missed.

The object is ZLight_Stone

Hey @SnakeInMyHoot - I just tested it and it seems to be working as expected. It’s difficult to tell which animation the raycasts are playing, since there is an Always trigger that is restarting the “Normal” animation every frame. If you remove that Always trigger, then the L/R/B animations seem to be playing as intended.