Read the posts re: Mobile Controls and I'm still stumped

My game Pollen Run uses arrows to move the bee and then in level 3 also employs WASD to aim the “honeygun” and shoot honeyballs at the beetles.

I can’t wrap my non-programmer head around how to make it possible to play the game as is in a browser yet also enable some mechanism to have the game be played on a device. I’ve read the posts on the forum about this so far and have tried the D control example, but I’m not able to make the leap to execution. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

So in the button add the click and message block. Make sure the message is being sent to the player and name it something like “right.”

Add a mailbox that has the same name of “right” to the player and have it activate everything that the D key activates.

I’ll show you how to finish it if that works for you, I don’t want to overwhelm you lol.

Just want to make sure I understand, is this button visible or invisible? Is it something you set outside your game area like a spawner object? And you have all of the D key activates in those same directions?

I think I get it now…I will try it…maybe after I finish grading and have student conferences. Thank you!

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The button should be in the UI layer and completely visible.

You need to be able to see the button so you can click it.

Got it. Ok, I’ll try this out. Thank you!

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No problem. I’m always around if you need more help!

Feel free to take a look at grazer’s example for further understanding.

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Sometimes it’s easier to understand and be able to teach the concept through talking though, so if you need to know how to replicate or change it let me know

Thank you! Yes, more visual examples help my brain!


will do, thank you! I’ll give it a try and sound the alarm when I screw it up.

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I wish I could help more with screenshots, but I’m primarily on mobile. :frowning: