Read this if you are hosting a game jam or hosted one recently

It seems I may or may not have started a wave of game jams. Two official unofficial jams, as well as some more. If you searched “game jams” after my winter jam, 0 results. Do it after my spring jam, you get a billion results. So, what is this topic about?


Grazer I am fine with you closing this discussion. I really shouldn’t have put this here, this is more of an information about the topic. Srry :frowning:

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I understand, I was planning on hosting one too, I just did it after yours.

What I’m saying is I didn’t just do a game jam because you were doing one, but I see the problem… lots of people are doing jams now and the community is too small to keep up with the amount of jams, people are participating in so many at one time and it just makes no sense, there’s not even rewards lol. It ends up with games that aren’t even relatively close to the theme of the jam…

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