Really badly need a typing text box behavior

I’m currently working on a lot of art while I take a break from working on the game side of the game, because something that has been holding me back for a long time is there is no text box feature. As far back as I can recall, almost all games since even before NES have some sort of textbox future, where you press a button to continue reading the text, as it types out. It seems extremely counterproductive of me to make letter by letter animations for a fake text box, and labels definitely won’t cut it because you can’t change the text. If there’s any way I can convince you or bribe you to make text boxes at the top of your to-do list, it would help out everybody that it has any dialogue in their game, from RPGs, Platformers, story, cutscenes, anything. It’s a major part of many games, and I hope that it gets added to flowlab soon. I have a lot of stuff to do outside of working on the story part of the game, so I can wait longer, but the sooner text boxes get added, the sooner I can make the story mode dialogue. @grazer

Does anyone else want or need this feature? I know a few of you could have used it in your past games for tutorials or something, and I know @PixelPizza is definitely making a story based game. With the amount of dialogue in the prologue alone, it would be a huge setback to make letter by letter text typing animations, hopefully other people need this as well.

This would be extremely helpful

Yeah I had to make some animations in the first text boxes but then I gave up - so I did them not animated.

Also, In this remake I won’t use text boxes but yet subtitles which don’t pause the game.

But obviously this would be a nice feature for everyone. I bet people want this.

Two words: Custom Font

Need custom font

The current ways of adding text into a game is awkward, and extremely limited, maybe there could be a text feature in the Sprite editor, you could create your own fonts and whatnot

yes custom font would be nice

my first suggestion when i registered was a positional input for text labels, which i still think would be great

I think an option to upload a font would be nice, you can purchase or download many fonts or make your own. Alpha is of course necessary, typed out or instant text options, an input for next, and adjust the text wrapping box by grid size or pixel size.

Position would be nice too

Justification would be incredible
Along with the ability of numbers- like label currently has

I could see position being useful, like if you want to do some kind of text shaking effect or if you want to use the same text box for above and below the screen in an RPG for two different characters, but I was thinking more of like how you move labels by dragging them on the GUI.