Really quick power up question

Hello guys. So when my player picks up an [x] my attack change for 25 seconds. I did it
by sending a message to my player and change a filter from 0 to 1 and then the attack change.
How can i hmm reset the timer when the player picks again the [x] for example i picked the [x]
and i used it for 12 sec but when i pick a new [x] nothing happens until the previous command duration ends.
I played a little with reset timer but i dont figure it out yet.
Thx i andvance :slight_smile:

Nice question! Well, this is a little confusing for me too, but I’d recommend messing around with timers, and obviously filters and numbers, and with some more ticks and tacks, I’m sure you’ll get it. You can even use timers to make enemies follow you! (:

Nice idea about the enemys follow i will try to mess a little bit with timer yes
I was away from flowlab about 10 days but come back with clear mind :slight_smile: