Reaper’s GameJam (Official)

The Reaper’s Game Jam is a new game jam I will be hosting. The winner will win a prize. In order for me to host this jam I need a minimal of 15 people to sign up.

Date: not decided

Prize: not decided

Theme: will be revealed at the start of the jam

Criteria: All art must be created by you and you also have to stay with one pixel size or you will be disqualified.

If you want to sign up select below

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r you still doing it?

15 people is a lot, you might wanna start this game jam in like 2 months…

Most the games jams here only a max of 4 people participated lol. Still a nice idea, hope you get the amount of competitors you want!

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I’ll sign up, I’m not saying I really want the reward but so if I DID end up winning, just give it to the person who came behind me.

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My joined doesn’t mean I’m officially signed up, I want to participate, but I don’t know if I have time to do so, but this does sound like a good idea.


Yes I’m still doing it, please sign up.

Yeah I wasn’t planning on starting it anything soon thats why this is just a sign ups post and has no official rules on here or the date sooo…

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You’re very welcome.

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I love democracy

That lasted long…


I’m saying @00T_Free explained that you want to spend a little more time maybe explaining to people what this jam is and getting people involved. Some people aren’t active every day so you can’t expect 20 people to join in the first few minutes.

And also literally a few hours after posting this you decide to cancel it, which makes no sense, you have three people who wanted to do this.
Also you joined a few days ago and you are offering people a $15 steam game. Most people don’t have steam, but also this looks a little suspicious, cause usually newer people don’t join up and offer money related prizes. So I wouldn’t be amazed if people are hesitant to join this.

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I never cancelled it there just now prize any more

Anyway that’s not really the main point, if you decided to cancel the prize, you could have said that you ran into some financial problems or there was an error, but instead you call everyone stupid for not wanting the prize.
Also you need a little bit more patient when it comes to game jams, cause when it actually happens, you have to wait a week or whatever time you decide to go with for the participants to create the games.


Umm sorry guys I suddenly ran out of bank so I can not host a prize

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Yep, I’ve been waiting a month to host my second monthly twister jam!

and I only have 3 participants! I don’t mind because the people who are, are all learning something new!

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Too late now lol

Wait when does it start?

May 1st, the first one was April 1st.

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Ohhhhhhhh ****