***Rebel Heart***

First off, here is the link.

I have been working on this game for almost a week and am loving where it is going and how far it’s come (not that far).
There is still a lot of stuff that needs fixed, including some of the levels. I decided to let people try it so when it was finished, it would have some fans.

Here is the update log:

Done / Mostly done.

  1. New gun added, GR 13.
  2. Rebel base (level) mostly finished.
  3. CPU guns now make noises (work in progress).
  4. Opening screen 90% finished.

Future update.

  1. Ammo
  2. Punch (for when player runs out of ammo)
  3. More levels
  4. More guns (Hopefully)


@“JR 01” @grazer @Superstargames @“Super creator” @PixelPizza @“Pixel Master 74” @browngr

Is it true? In these comments, reaching out to people who users see fit, I am one of them? Nah, I’m not one of the big guys… Yet. XD
So, what exactly do you want my help with? You originally reached out to me for self-thinking A.I., but so far, that’s about it. Anything specific?

=( you mention @“Pixel Master 74” BUT NOT ME!!!

New link


  1. Shotgun added.
  2. 1919 Browning.*
  3. UMP
  4. How to play level added.

Future update:

  1. Health to SHOCK & Rebels.
  2. Sniper (maybe)
  3. Semi auto shotgun.
  4. More guns


that’s better

in the rebel base you should probably pause the game when you have messages because a lot of the time you run out of ammo before you can knock down the door

It’s an interesting game, with interesting concept. I am looking forward to seeing this game expand.

Thx for the feedback!

Link to game

A couple of things to say.

  1. I took a small break from Flowlab, but I’m hoping to get back in full speed.
  2. I will try to get this game back into dev, but Flowlab for me is mostly creating games and deleting them after a month. I haven’t worked on a game this long before.

So, here are the updates you have (hopefully) been waiting for"


  1. More level are closer to being finished.

  2. Too many guns to remember which ones are new, so here is a list:

1 UMP. (Filler gun)
2 1919 Brown. (Unique)
3 Dragon. (Sick of it.)
4 GR 13. (LUV the sound)
5 Rapid. (Rocket launcher)
6 Clash. (Classic rebel gun)
7 Sniper. (<3)
8 Shotgun wide. (Awesome)
9 Shotgun. (Okay)

Does anyone really care if I give up on this game?

I care…

I need at least 4 more people to say that.

@RageDayz I care! It looks really ambitious! Don’t give up yet! P.s, Still a little upset I was not tagged :frowning:

I care, and I think you should continue making this game.

Sorry @“The Kodex” !

We’ll see about the game…

I am going to delete this game. Though I will make another just like it.